In 2002, Norben Company, Inc. and Morre-Tec Industries Inc. formed a joint venture, Micro-Tec Industries LLC,
with a focus on running lines of efficient, low cost pulverizing technology.

Micro-Tec’s lines utilize a patented technology from Super Fine, Ltd. in a process known as “Vortex Milling” to reduce particles size. These Vortex Mills create a tornado-like condition, applying aerodynamic force to break particles along their weakest points. They can be used to reduce particle size in a variety of materials such as: chemicals, minerals, ceramics, and pigments.

The mills contain no moving parts, consume minimal amounts of energy and operate in a continuous process to produce uniform sized particles. The centrifugal force created inside the mill removes particles once they have achieved a desired size until all the material that enters the chamber is within a relatively narrow size variance.



  • High purity, no risk of contaminants
  • Narrow particle size distribution
  • Minimal change to crystalline structure
  • Minimal amount of ultra-fine particles


  • Low energy consumption
  • Achievable milling ratios of 1:800
  • No added heat from mechanic force
  • Continuous operation 24/7